• Blue

    Blue it is. If someone has somehow missed the biggest trend color in 2015 I'm telling you now it's BLUE. And green. And all the shades between those two. I have dreamed about dark walls since last summer. Now I finally have one. I wanted my blue to be dark, almost black. Afterwards thinking it could've been even darker. As you can see in a second and third photo I had assistant here with me. Not such a good idea... Sininen. Jos joku on onnistunut sulkemaan silmänsä ja korvansa tämän vuoden trendivärin
  • Yeh

    For too long my husband has had a chair as his bedside table. But not anymore. When I saw Menus Yeh Wall Table designed by Kenyon Yeh I tought it is time to replace the chair with a decent table. And oh boy it's a real beauty! I like it, a lot. Only thing that bothers me is that maybe I should have take the moss green colored? But because I didn't see the table in real life I didn't know the real hue of it. Anyhow I'm very pleased with the grey one also so no regrets.Meillä on jo kauan aikaa toiminut