• Esaila

    "The name Esaila derived from a Taiwanese colloquial  ‘可以’,  which means ‘be able to’, to reflect our ideology in our designs. We believe that a good design is a synthesis of commitment and determination in the pursuit of technical and aesthetic harmony yet retain a sense of lightness and quirkiness, such as in our everyday lives."You probably remember my Yeh table from Menu which I bought some time ago. It still is one of my favorite piece in our home. So few weeks ago I got
  • Bedroom cravings

    Something I want for our bedroom. Something I already have.I bought Menus Afteroom hangers already when we were living in our old place. They never made it to the wall though. Also I found three marble shelves from flea market way back and now they're finding their way in to our bedroom wall with some brass details. Now I've been searching for the perfect wall lamp but theres too many great options. I'm kind of a lost in a ocean of lamps HELP! I also need a table lamp and Menus JWDA is so beauiful