• Under the tree

    Last weekend I went to my cabin and shoot these Lundia System boxes. The idea of old milieu, little tree without any decoration and these simple boxes didn't leave me alone. How wonderful would it be to have christmas as simple as this? You could pack your presents to System boxes and stack them under the tree. There could be nice yarn around the box or it could be just the way it is. Only sky is a limit for what you hide inside of the box. What would it be? Kävin viime viikonloppuna
  • Wish it was summer already

    I visited summerhouse today and took few pictures from there. It's still in progress with the renovation but this room (wich is actually bedroom) is almost done. Only baseboards are missing and some paint for the door. And of course I need to furnish it properly so we can sleep there. I can't wait for the summer so I get to spend more time in there.Kävin tänään kesämökillä ja nappasin muutaman kuvan sieltä. Remonttihan siellä on vielä muuten vaiheessa, mutta tämä toinen makkari on jo