• Mixed

    I didn't tell you that this probably wasn't the best time for me to start blogging again. Our home is currently everything else than I want it to be. I started to redecorate our apartment last summer but didn't manage to accomplish that so now it's almost an empty space. Also there's few other reasons too but I'll tell you more later. Now you have to tolerate few posts from my moms place. I promise to show you some pictures from our apartment as soon as I get it done. This is my moms dining room.
  • Portfolio

    I've been trying to update my portfolio. It's a lots of work to do. All the styling and shooting and always too little time. This project though was easy one to shoot, it's my moms kitchen wich I designed two years ago . Now I have to organize more time so I can shoot the rest of the apartment too.I should really use a camera stand when I'm shooting. I'm not used to it and I find it hard to handle. I need to learn how to use it to get my picture quality better. Viime aikoina olen