• Color palette

     Hey you! It's been a long long time since my last post here. I've enjoyed summer and haven't been stressing about the blog at all. But now it's already a fall and I'm eager to start decorating our home. I want lots of soft warm materials and gloomy colors. I'm now trying to find a perfect color to our bedroom wall. It needs to be a dark but defenitely not black or grey. Earlier I was thinking dark a bit greyish green but now I'm not sure anymore. It's hard to decide. Maybe on of those four
  • Wish it was summer already

    I visited summerhouse today and took few pictures from there. It's still in progress with the renovation but this room (wich is actually bedroom) is almost done. Only baseboards are missing and some paint for the door. And of course I need to furnish it properly so we can sleep there. I can't wait for the summer so I get to spend more time in there.Kävin tänään kesämökillä ja nappasin muutaman kuvan sieltä. Remonttihan siellä on vielä muuten vaiheessa, mutta tämä toinen makkari on jo