• Little things

    There's few things in our home that irritates me almost every day. First, our kitchen table. As much as I love it and it has lots of sentimental value (since my husband made it) it's impractical in every day use. Maybe I'll take it to summerhouse because I defenitely don't want to give it up. And second, our dishes and cookware. There's always missing a right kind of pot or bowl when I'm making food or baking. My mission now is to find perfect table and some stylish cookware. I think table will be
  • Covered

     Our old leather couch is in pretty bad shape, seams are broken and leather is worn out. I've been looking for a new couch but my husband really loves this one and don't want to give up on it. Because our dogs are allowed to stay on the couch I had to come up with some kind of temporary solution to save it. I found this white cover from sale and it cost only 20€. It'll do until we take the couch to restoration.Meidän vanha, ihana nahkasohva alkaa olla melko huonossa kunnossa. Istuintyynyjen