• Christmasy

    Christmas is defenitely my favorite holiday. I'm already getting into mood by burning lots of candles, drinking glogg and decorating my home with some christmasy flowers and greenery. Anyone else who is getting into christmas mood yet? Joulu on mun ehdoton suosikki juhlapäivä, ehdottomasti. Oon jo nyt tunnelmoinut juomalla glögiä (paljon), polttamalla kynttilöitä (vielä enemmän) ja kaunistamalla kotia joulusilla kukilla ja vihreillä. Kuka muu on jo joulutunnelmissa?
  • Yeh

    For too long my husband has had a chair as his bedside table. But not anymore. When I saw Menus Yeh Wall Table designed by Kenyon Yeh I tought it is time to replace the chair with a decent table. And oh boy it's a real beauty! I like it, a lot. Only thing that bothers me is that maybe I should have take the moss green colored? But because I didn't see the table in real life I didn't know the real hue of it. Anyhow I'm very pleased with the grey one also so no regrets.Meillä on jo kauan aikaa toiminut