• Little things

    There's few things in our home that irritates me almost every day. First, our kitchen table. As much as I love it and it has lots of sentimental value (since my husband made it) it's impractical in every day use. Maybe I'll take it to summerhouse because I defenitely don't want to give it up. And second, our dishes and cookware. There's always missing a right kind of pot or bowl when I'm making food or baking. My mission now is to find perfect table and some stylish cookware. I think table will be
  • Troubles

    I know I've been a lousy blogger. I'm having some problems downloading photos to blogger. They're always wrong size, blurry or in a wrong place. Also somtimes texts aren't where they should be. Hopefully I can solve the problems soon and get back to blogging. Huono bloggaaja täällä hei. Mulla on nyt jotain ongelmia saada kuvat ladattua bloggeriin. Ne on aina väärän kokoisia, epäselviä tai väärässä paikassa. Ei auta vaikka HTML-koodia muokkaa, silti tämä nakkaa ne aina hullun kurisesti