• Bedroom cravings

    Something I want for our bedroom. Something I already have.I bought Menus Afteroom hangers already when we were living in our old place. They never made it to the wall though. Also I found three marble shelves from flea market way back and now they're finding their way in to our bedroom wall with some brass details. Now I've been searching for the perfect wall lamp but theres too many great options. I'm kind of a lost in a ocean of lamps HELP! I also need a table lamp and Menus JWDA is so beauiful
  • Blue

    Blue it is. If someone has somehow missed the biggest trend color in 2015 I'm telling you now it's BLUE. And green. And all the shades between those two. I have dreamed about dark walls since last summer. Now I finally have one. I wanted my blue to be dark, almost black. Afterwards thinking it could've been even darker. As you can see in a second and third photo I had assistant here with me. Not such a good idea... Sininen. Jos joku on onnistunut sulkemaan silmänsä ja korvansa tämän vuoden trendivärin