• New home

    For a long time we've been looking for a new apartment. So long that I almost gave up. We had few expectations in mind. The house had to be old, there should be enough space, at least two bedrooms, wooden floors, big windows and sauna (of course). And guess what we got!? Almost all of it. This building is built in 1894. There's 96,5square meter in our apartment. Big windows that let the light in. Lovely wooden floors. Old stove and fireplace.  And two bathrooms +sauna. And did you notice those
  • Christmasy

    Christmas is defenitely my favorite holiday. I'm already getting into mood by burning lots of candles, drinking glogg and decorating my home with some christmasy flowers and greenery. Anyone else who is getting into christmas mood yet? Joulu on mun ehdoton suosikki juhlapäivä, ehdottomasti. Oon jo nyt tunnelmoinut juomalla glögiä (paljon), polttamalla kynttilöitä (vielä enemmän) ja kaunistamalla kotia joulusilla kukilla ja vihreillä. Kuka muu on jo joulutunnelmissa?